If you’ve having problems accessing your account or watching a stream, this guidance may help.

I can’t access my MIF account.

You can reset and/or create an MIF account password via – this page contains full guidance on how to do so.

I’ve purchased tickets for a stream but it’s not showing up in my account.

Please contact the MIF Box Office team at or via live chat in the bottom left with details of the stream for which you’ve purchased a ticket and the email address you used for your purchase.

I can’t find my booking confirmation to set up my account.

Please check all email folders, including your junk/spam folder, for your booking confirmation and/or any other correspondence you think you may be missing. If you still can’t access either your account or the stream, please contact us at or via live chat

I bought an on-demand ticket and am trying to create/reset my password, but the system isn’t recognising my email address.

Please make sure you are using the email address that you used to purchase the ticket.

The quality of my stream isn’t great.

Please note that however you choose to watch, the quality of the stream will depend on the strength, speed and stability of your internet connection. If you’re having trouble streaming an event, either live or on demand, please check your internet connection and/or test the speed via an online speed checker such as Ookla. You can also change the quality of your stream by clicking the HD button in the bottom right corner of the player – and reducing the setting may result in a smoother stream.

I can’t connect my computer or mobile device to stream on my TV.

This page contains basic guidance on how you can stream to your TV via Apple AirPlay or Google Chromecast. However, the variety of possible devices and connection methods means that we’re unable to offer individual technical support – please instead refer to the manual(s) for your chosen device(s).

If you have a problem or need more guidance, please contact the MIF Box Office on or via the live pop-up webchat in the bottom left.